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One source of reviews in this industry tends to be black hat web forums, like Black Hat World. Indeed, they even have a BHW testimonial on their site. This speaks more to the general air of disapproval the industry as a whole faces than to the quality of the site in question, though. Let’s see what some BHW users have to say.

  • “I tried them out about a month or two ago, set up about 5 campaigns with the 10 K traffic thingy but nothing so far.”
  • Be warned, a lot of people are experiencing bot traffic from this seller right now…
  • “This is absolutely top-notch service. I have used this for a while and support especially is very responsive.”
  • “I buy adult traffic from webtrafficgeeks the visitors are real.”

So, as you can see, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve found that pretty much no matter what service you use or review online, you’ll find that some people have good experiences and some people have bad. It’s hard to say, for example, whether some of these people are incorrectly measuring their traffic, or if they’re getting bot traffic, or if they bought traffic from several services and don’t have a good idea of which is providing what. People make mistakes, and some people have a hard time conveying what they mean to say. In general, neutral reviews in aggregate seem to be the trend.

You can find some better written reviews on sites like BuyWebsiteTrafficReviews, where I’ve found quotes like these:

  • “I tried this website with the 10k package they offer on my Adsense website, and actually made some decent returns.”
  • “I was a little skeptical as i always am. But customer service was good. What i really liked about them is that they were honest.”

There were also several questions asked of the reviewers, but no one came back to answer. Of course, it’s always possible that these are fake reviews. Only one of them has an actual account on the site. I’ll leave that to your judgment.

Overall, reviews seem to be neutral everywhere I look. Some people have good experiences, some people have bad experiences, and neither outweighs the other.



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One thought on “Webtrafficgeeks.org Review – Real User’s Opinions!

  1. Hello, we tested them. They are a SCAM. The traffic is bot traffic only. You can easily identify this by screenrecording your visitors. The bot traffic can also easily be spotted using GoogleAnalytics. It’s clicking on ANY link on your site and then doing nothing…

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