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Get business exposure through our advertising services.

Why should you consider to have a ad on MyDotComReviews webpage?

  • Network with people in the internet marketing industry
  • Show your stuff and give people a greater awareness of your expertise
  • People can look at the website day or night, on their own schedule
  • Is about finding the right sources to post information about your company and services
  • You can share your company bio and suite of services available
  • Touch thousands of like-minded businesses Online

We are user friendly and will provide as much support as needed. By running your own banner or listing style ads, you can give your business the immediate exposure it needs. No registration is required to share your personal experiences, and ALL posts are reviewed or moderated by MyDotComReviews.

Get new clients,

Build your own brand,

Improve your search engine rankings…

REAL EXPOSURE with 3 Months Subscription!

Thanks for your interest in placing an ad on this site.   Please note that ads are subject to approval / we reserve the right to reject any ad.  Sample ad sizes are below.

Files must be in JPG, PNG of GIF format.  You are responsible for designing your ad file.

Ad purchases are sold on a 3 months basis.  Please note that ads set up using PayPal subscription service will auto renew every 3 months till you cancel the subscription.

We offer 2 ad sizes

1.  728 × 90 Pixels Ad VIP

The 728×90 ad appears at the bottom of every page. Only 2 ad are available.  Pricing for the unit is $69,97 USD for each 3 months. The banner should not be bigger than 30K in size.


Your brand is how your customers perceive and recognize your business in a crowded market.

2.  300 × 250 Pixels Ad Sponsorship

The 300 × 250 ad appears on every page. Only 3 ad are available. Price $39,97 USD for each 3 months. The banner should not be bigger than 25K in size.

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