The Perfect SCAM Company!!!

anoox scam review
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Last week I bought $250 PPC(pay per click) advertising from, their cheap cost and high Alexa traffic rank attract me. They introduce their self is a search engine that is unique in two fundamental ways: AnooX search results are powered by the People; so unlike Google or Yahoo where machines decide on the search results, with AnooX search results are 1st machine generated but ultimately democratically decided by the vote of the people. Secondly, AnooX is operated on a Community based (not profit motivated) business model, very much like Craigslist, as such cost of search engine Advertising is much lower through AnooX.

But now I am very angry I think I was swindled. After added keywords few days later, I checked from google analysis there’s no traffic from their website, but their backend shows many people have clicked my advertising. And their webmaster tools is very poor, expect add keywords, I cannot know my click details, can’t do anything, so I think I was swindled.

I tried to contact with them, but there’s no contact info at their website. There’s no office phone, no customer service email, no way to contact them. I sent many online support tickets to them, expect the first time I ask them how to proceed payment, they haven’t reply me any questions, they are disappeared.

I believe ANOOX is a scam company but I can’t get my money back now. I want to tell everybody don’t go near them.


5 thoughts on “ The Perfect SCAM Company!!!

  1. I just was thinking to start a campaign with Anoox, but i just google and i saw some bad reviews, which made me change my kind. I will look at other place to buy ppc. Thank you for your feedback I saved my money.

  2. They are a scam company!
    i got fooled into sending them $100 for adwords, then they never done anything.
    Last week they billed my account another $100 without my consent.
    I have told my bank to treat it as fraud. Their phone is cut off with no way to contact them

    1. I tried thier advertising last year and decided it wasn’t for me, I deleted any adverts that I had listed in my account thinking that would be enough to stop them taking money off me. But no, I have found out they have been taking money off my account for the past 8 months! Thier customer service appears to be rubbish and there is no contact number for them as youu said. I wouldn’t go near them ever again.

  3. Paid a lot of money for their advertising; zero results with Anoox.
    This is a nearly dead search engine. Save your money – they are a rip off !!!

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