Fiverr Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict … Is Fiverr A Scam?

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Fiverr is the crazy quilt of crowdsourcing. You can find just about any kind of product or service, all starting at $5. Unlike other crowdsourcing websites, this one hosts freelancers who post the services they perform and samples of their work, and you search for the one that suits your needs.You’ll find tasks ranging from serious business to simply bananas. For five bucks, you can get a professional-looking logo made, a simple contract written or a dance video recorded. You can get documents translated, hire a virtual assistant, find unique gifts, even commission a human billboard to advertise your business.The types of products and services offered are divided into 12 major categories: graphics and design, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business, lifestyle, gifts, fun and bizarre, and other. Each category breaks into subcategories. For example, its graphics category includes illustration, social media design, models, logos, book covers and vector tracing.You can go to a category, select a subcategory and explore, or you can use the search function if you have a specific need. Each freelancer profile shows what the freelancer offers and provides sample work and prices. Fiverr’s services start at $5, but many freelancers offer enhanced packages or faster delivery for an increased price. You can check the sellers’ ratings and write your own Overview

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Price: $5 Per Gig

Owner: Shai Wininger – Micha Kaufman


What Is Fiverr? is a site where people can buy and sell services ( gigs ) for a fixed rate of $5. There are several categories of services to choose from such as graphics services, creating videos, writing, and translation, advertising and fun, and lifestyle.

If you are wanting to sell something on Fiverr, a service or gig as it’s called you will be supplying a small service for a small fee $5. You will post the service that you are offering on the website, and then you will be notified when someone orders your service.

Usually, within 48 hours after you have delivered the service that you offered, $4 will be deposited into your account and $1 goes to Fiverr.

While Fiverr still has a loyal following I am seeing more and more negative reviews. One of the biggest issues I keep hearing about is that Fiverr doesn’t have a very good screening system, which means anyone can offer a service whether they are legit or not, so you never really know what you will be getting. It looks like the only way to ensure you won’t lose your money is to do a bunch of research and try and find out who is legit on the site and who is not.

Now, this not to say there are not some really good talented people involved with Fiverr but it seems that the whole concept is left wide open to anyone and everyone without some kind of guarantee that your money will not be totally wasted.

Another thing I find a bit unusual about Fiverr is that they don’t allow you to leave a negative review if you have been scammed by someone who was supposed to have provided you with a service.

If you are looking at providing a service with Fiverr as a seller and you are expecting to make a lot of money then I think you should look somewhere else. Again, I am not saying you won’t make any money but when you consider the fact that $5 is what you will be charging for a service and then Fiverr takes $1 of that, you make $4. You would have to be getting a lot of gigs in order to make any kind of serious cash here but if a little extra is all you are after then Fiverr might be for you.

Another thing I keep hearing about but can’t be 100% certain of is that the majority of the freelance writers at Fiverr are from other countries where English is not their first language. So, then if that’s the case and you are needing an article or possibly a blog written for you there is always the possibility that translation and grammar issues will be a problem, in fact there almost certainly will be some problems with that.

Here are some tips to help avoid scammers on Fiverr:

  • Avoid gigs that sound too good to be true. For example, if you are offered 20,000 targeted hits to your website for $5…scam don’t do it! Or perhaps you are offered 10,000 YouTube views for $5….scam don’t do it!
  • Look for good English. Poor English is a Red Flag every time and is easily spotted. Look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • User profiles should be consistent. Check gigs for consistency. Since there is a plenty of competition sellers are likely to tell you anything in order to get your business.
  • For local listings meet in person.
  • Avoid wiring funds.
  • Avoid sharing your personal and financial details.
  • Ask a lot of questions about the seller and find out as much as you can.

Freelancing on Fiverr

If you have a specialized skill like writing, photography, web design, voice overs, art, or just about anything else you can think of, there is probably a market for your services online. Many people daydream about quitting their day jobs to do only what they love all day long but just can’t figure out how to get started. Freelance sites like can help you build recognition as an independent sales person in your niche market.

There are a lot of freelance sites to choose from and many people have found success with although it is not without its drawbacks as well. Here we will examine the pros and cons of Fiverr and let you decide for yourself if this website works for you.

Fiverr has a very simple concept. People post small jobs, called “gigs,” that they are willing to do for just $5. It sounds small, but what it really provides is a platform to grow from. Buyers like Fiverr because they can get small tasks done quickly and cheaply, there isn’t a large risk and over time they can find dependable freelancers they can turn to for quality work. Sellers can grow their business by offering basic gigs for $5 and offering upgrades and extras for additional money.

Fiverr Pros

  • Clean and clear website design, easy to navigate, easy to use
  • Clear and easy to understand concept
  • Active and fun community with supportive forum
  • Make money doing something you love

The biggest advantage to Fiverr, of course, is making extra money doing something you love. Now, there are a few lucky people out there that have turned their gigs into a full time job. There is even a recent story of a Fiverr seller who bought a small house exclusively with Fiverr money! It can be done, but of course it takes dedication. More likely though you can use Fiverr as extra income and who wouldn’t love to get paid for a hobby?

Because Fiverr offers basic jobs for a set cost, they attract a fairly decent quality of work. Some freelance sites that allow people to bid very low on jobs attract nothing but low end work that is often plagiarized or automated. Since the job costs are more on a level playing field the quality is a little more level as well.

Fiverr is a very easy website to use and the communication from staff is friendly and conversational. For the most part customer service concerns are handled in a timely mannor although they can get bogged down from time to time and delays can happen. The staff is generally friendly and they follow up to make sure the issue was resolved.

Fiverr Cons

  • 20% revenue sharing with Fiverr, that’s a pretty big fee for them to host your services, other sites do it for less
  • Limited ways to get paid, mostly relies on Paypal with additional fees
  • 14 day hold time on funds
  • Automatically accepts jobs, limited control for sellers
    1. Fiverr Never Worries About the Buyers Money (because its worried about its 20% commission fee, so you will have to forget about your money/refund)
    2. Fiverr is a Racist, yes this may sound unusual but I happen to found fiverr is a racist because most of the Top sellers and high level sellers are white folks and from US only. Not just that, fiverr wouldn’t bother to reply any other country sellers in a professional way.
    3. Fiverr claims refund which is false and misleading.
    4. BBB (Better Business Bureau) removed fiverr from its website due to large amount of open complaints and lowest rating.
    5. Fiverr website is a red flag for many authority sites such as and, Fiverr is the most worst and untrusted website having lowest rating ever.
    6. Fiverr suspends/bans the account with large amount of earnings (check the screenshot below).
    7. Fiverr is complete unprofessional unrealistic, recently I happen to check this screenshot which the seller on fiverr claims that fiverr never replied for over 22 days for a dispute/inquiry.
  • Fiverr blocks your account for using the PayPal dispute system, something themselves have agreed to follow by accepting PayPal as a form of payment.

    From Fiverr TOS:

    • Filing a transaction dispute or reversing a payment through your payment provider or your bank is a violation to these Terms of Service. Doing so may get your account temporarily disabled to investigate possible security violations. Note: once you have filed a dispute with your payment provider, the funds will be ineligible for a refund due to our obligations towards the payment provider.

    From PayPal Business TOS:

    1. Chargebacks. You shall use all reasonable methods to resolve disputes with your customers. Should a chargeback dispute occur, you shall promptly comply with all requests for information from PayPal. You shall not attempt to recharge a customer for an item that has been charged back, unless the customer has authorized such actions.
    2. Refund Policy must be on PayPal Customer’s Website. If you limit refund/exchange terms or other specific conditions for sales, your policy must be clearly provided to your customers prior to the sale, as part of the sale confirmation process. Proper disclosure would include wording that is prominently displayed and states “NO REFUND, EXCHANGE ONLY” or something substantially similar and includes any special terms. NOTE: Qualifying your refund or exchange terms does not completely eliminate your liability for a refund because consumer protection laws and Association rules frequently allow the cardholder to still dispute these items. You agree to display you consumer privacy policy on your website as well as the security method used for transmission of payment data.

What Are the Drawbacks to Using Fiverr?

As with anything, there are also a few pitfalls you should look out for on Fiverr:

  • Remember that even if you get a refund for a service you weren’t happy with, it won’t go back into your bank account. It will go into your Fiverr wallet, which forces you to keep purchasing services on the platform.
  • If a service provider cancels a service, you won’t be able to give them a review. This can be frustrating!
  • Remember that you often get what you pay for; exercise caution when looking for services on A good example would be the article writing services. Sure, it’s cheap, but 5 bucks usually doesn’t buy a quality blog article, and you might end up with something you can’t use.

One of the biggest drawbacks to Fiverr is their rating and level system which is highly automated and is too easily skewed by things that are clearly outside of the seller’s control. For instance, if a buyer places five or ten orders on the same day for a service the seller doesn’t provide, or worse something that is illegal or against Fiverr’s rules, the gig gets automatically accepted by the system and the seller is forced to cancel the orders which will most likely cause them to lose their seller level for a period of time. Since the system is automated complaining to customer service will do no good, and the seller will have to wait to complete more good orders to renew their level. Fortunately customer service can do things about erroneous negative feedback and buyer scams, but they can’t do anything to circumvent their own automated leveling system at this time.

Sellers often report issues with the payment system being slow or costing too much in fees. Fiverr is attempting to add other forms of payment but at this time the 14 day waiting period stands for users at all levels.

Some people have a difficult time getting noticed on Fiverr, particularly if their gig is in a popular category. The rate at which your gig appears on the first page seems to be a combination of your activity; so filling orders, getting “collected” and getting feedback all lead to you being bumped to the first page which can help you get orders. Fiverr staff hand picks gigs to be “Featured” and unfortunately they don’t change very often leading the “featured” sellers to be the same day in and day out and often these sellers fall in rating due to late orders and you have featured sellers at low ratings. A great way to get noticed though is to be active in the forums, chatting and helping other users.


We won’t go so far as to say Fiverr is a scam, but many have encountered problems so you really should take the time to check into some of the complaints about Fiverr. So, would we still recommend Fiverr… Yes, but do your homework and research any service you might be interested in. There are other alternatives to Fiverr and again, we strongly suggest you do some research if this is the kind of product and service you are looking for.

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