Honest Tidal Wave Traffic Review

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This is a social media traffic method which promises to produce email leads for as little as $0.10 each!

This is done by using Facebook ads in order to capitalise on the new tool that allows users to input their email address within Facebook itself, instead of being sent to a squeeze page.

This review is based on our personal opinion and experience when using this product.

The idea is you generate captivating CTA forms which people want to learn more about but to ‘learn more’ they have to enter their email addresses, BUT….

Our Rating​:

The basic idea is good and worth the $17 but the upsells are hugely overpriced and should be avoided.

Overall an OK product but if you are a newbie you will find this confusing, time consuming and it will cost you a lot of money to get going.

Our Personal Experience Using Tidal Wave

When we first joined we started working through the training videos, of which there are four, and we quickly got the idea behind this strategy. The idea is simple enough and it does work, although it won’t be quite as easy as they make it out to be.

We sat through the training and although it does cover what you need it is incredibly basic and there are a lot of gaps that will leave a newbie totally confused. We will cover this in the next paragraph when we discuss the training videos.

We will now go into detail about the training and the additional bonus material and training that they give you access to. There is more to this product than meets the eye. Is the training up to scratch?

How Is The Training?

The training consists of a PDF, 4 x training videos and a recorded webinar which is over 1 hours long. The webinar is not so much a training as a sales video for an additional service called Spazeship (very overpriced), which we will get into in a minute, but it is the PDF and the four training videos which are the core product here.

The training itself, without the upsells, cost $17 and it is worth paying that to find this simple strategy but there are some fundamental things missing from the training which makes this kinda worthless to a beginner – unless they spend $100’s more on additional ‘training modules’.

  • There is no mention of email marketing and how to use autoresponders – this is CRUCIAL! All the leads that you gather are completely worthless without a good email sequence.
  • The training is missing large chunks of guidance and leaves much to the imagination and initiative of any beginner marketers.

The Main Training Videos & PDF

The PDF is a written version of the 4 videos covering the exact same material.

Video 1 (Watch Me First)

This is a simple 1 min 30 second video which gives you a brief overview of what is inside the membership.

Video 2 (Foundations)

The initial training is about 14 minutes long and takes you through the process of opening up a Facebook Ads Manager account. You are guided through the process of creating a new Fan Page and you are given some tips about reducing possibility of being banned by Facebook.

This is a very thin video and if you are a complete newbie you will be confused here. Stefan slicks through very quickly and does not show you very much. This is just a video about creating a page. There is very little information about niche intent or user intent or how to optimize it properly.

You are shown how to add an image to the header and that is it. But in relation to the purpose of this training it is enough because you are only here to be shown the traffic method, not how to optimize your page.

You are also taken to a viral blog post database where you can find some easy content to share on your page to create some content for the initial framework.

Stefan also shows you some placed where you can find royalty free images (Pixabay) and a useful source you can use to create your own headers for your Facebook page and posts. (Canva)

TidalwaveTraffic training module

You are taken through the steps of adding an auto responder to your Facebook account (without any information on which autoresponder to choose or how to use it) and the set up process your API connection between Facebook, Zapier and your autoresponder.

It took us a few minutes to do this and it was not clear what was happening within this process. Again, if you are a complete newbie, this will be very confusing.

There is added confusion here because Stefan switches between screens very quickly without really explaining much about what he is doing. There is an assumption here you are familiar with the Business Manager interface and location of certain settings.

To add more confusing, after Stefan is busy flicking through screens back and forth without explanation, he himself gets and error message which doesn’t allow him to activate the autoresponder. He then finishes the video by saying that this error message doesn’t matter and if you get this message just to follow the FAQ within Facebook, not the most helpful suggestion.

We thought we paid for a product that was going to show us how to set this Tidal Traffic method up? If the author can’t do it, what chance does a beginner have?

Video 3 (Priming For Running Ads)

In this video, which is 7 minutes long, you are shown the Audience Insights tool inside the Facebook ads dashboard. Again, this is way too short. You are shown in a very vague way on how to find an audience to target in relation to user interaction (infinity), demographics, age, etc. etc.

The same applies to this video… Yes, you are given an introduction to the Audience Insight tool but the training is not in depth enough and a beginner will have to find his/her way around on their own. You could easily do 30 min + on a tutorial like this.

This tutorial does not show how you ‘save’ an audience you have defined, which you will use when you create your ads, and how to apply that to your ad campaigns. This is pretty important! Again, any beginner will be left to their own devices to figure this out and trust me, it will be frustrating and demoralising.

Video 4 (Running The Ads & Getting The Traffic)

This video, 12 minutes, show you how to create an advert. You are taken through how to name your campaign and assign it to your page. You are shown how to set your budget, schedule your ads and which people to target.

This is where it is misleading again because your are now shown again how to target an audience, with no mention of what you did in Audience Insights. Stefan fails to mention any connection between the two features, and it appears it is assumed you understand the relationship between the two features.

Tidal wave Traffic raining modules

You are not given any information about creating different ad sets in relation to CTR, user intent, image usage, copyright issues, etc.

Stefan proceeds to show you how to set up your lead capture offer/post for the ad.

That is it! That is all the training you get. You are literally paying to be shown how to create a specific ad campaign on Facebook, but nothing more.

Advanced Training Masterclass

The masterclass training which comes with this product is also by the same authors, called PULLii.

This is an extensive training module which shows you how to create a whole website/blog and drive traffic to it with social media and organic traffic. Very similar to the training you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

However, we cannot comment on this training as it is far to big to include in this review. we will need to review that in a separate blog post. Nevertheless, the training at PUULii, even though it can be used in conjunction with the method taught at Tidal Wave Traffic, it is not relevant at this point.

You can use the Tidal Wave method without using the training at PULLii.

Webinar & Spazeship

The webinar which comes with the training is essentially a long sales pitch for an upgraded membership. This method uses quizzes to engage Facebook users in order to capture their email addresses but also you get a chance to advertise a related product at the end of the quiz.

There is no question this method is incredibly efficient and converts very well but the price tag is $297. This cost if for an app called Spazeship and it gives you access to premade templates and hosting for these quizzes. You can also use this kit to create your own quizzes.

The problem here is two fold, in my opinion:

  1. This is incredibly expensive for a quiz builder when you can get them for free online if you search, either on a cloud server or as a WordPress plug in. Also remember that when you bought Tidal Wave Traffic you were not told you would need to buy another piece of software to make it work properly. Given the broken training given within the training, what’s to say the training inside this $297 package is not equally broken and then you need to buy ‘another product’.
  2. Gearing you towards spending too much money. By this we mean that if you look at the bonuses, and the mastermind training at PULLii – all this ‘training’ is only geared to get you to spend more money. All the products inside these training modules are affiliate links and Stefan & Co will earn large commissions when you join these service, such as web hosting,etc. This is totally normal but you do not need to buy this Spazeship membership because inside the PILLii training area they try and sell you another $300+ worth of tools and services. All they are doing here is packaging up very simple monetization methods and additional services where they are not needed.

Upsells Available

The upsells are much the same as I mentioned about the Webinar – not much use.

Done For You

The done for you campaigns are a cool idea but kinda thin. All this means is your ad sets will be identical to another 100+ people out there who also purchased it. The Facebook Mastermind page has over 500 users, other people who bought Tidal Wave Traffic, and so you have to think how many of those are using the Done For You upsell?

We are writing this review only a week or so after the release so by the time you read this there may be many thousands of people using this method.

Case Studies

Again, these are templates of successful case studies they have done. You have to think logically here:

If these case studies produced a huge profit – why would Stefan sell these at $30.00 a pop and, in the process, completely saturate these successful campaign?

The more people who are targeting the same demographic/niche/age group etc., the higher the cost of the advertising. Once again, over the course of the next few months thousands of people will buy this product. How many marketers do you think will be starting identical campaigns and competing for ad space and watching the CPM skyrocket?

Will You Make Money With This Strategy/Training

In our opinion, probably not. The simple fact is that more than 80% of people who try affiliate marketing of any kind will fail.

This training has huge gaps and only serves to make beginner marketers buy additional products. We believe the training has purposely left out certain aspect purely to get you to buy the next product. Which is a shame because that leaves the initial Tidal Wave product basically worthless to the majority of people who buy it.

The only reason We found it useful was because we already know how to do Facebook ads and we was intrigued to learn about this particular method. We have no use for the training, we just needed to see the lead generation aspect. However, if you were a newbie then this would be pointless because you cannot implement it with the training available.


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