Things to Watch For When Buying Traffic

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What does the term buying traffic mean?

The first step to buying traffic masterfully is to understand this term’s basic concept.

Buying traffic is nothing more than the set of strategies in which you will need to invest money to attract people to your offer.

Your goal might vary, whether it is:

  • Only promoting your brand
  • Building a list of leads
  • Or even directing people to a product’s landing page through the promotion of your link.

These strategies will be very important to provide predictability in sales and can be used for launches or for perpetual products.

For this reason, I’ll provide you with a few tips to help you buy traffic with more confidence. Let’s get started.

How to buy traffic

1. Understand the persona

Understanding the persona of your product or of the product to which you’ve become an Affiliate is the first step.

This tip might seem silly but it’s the basis for all the guidelines to buying traffic and is one of the steps that few people truly carry out.

The persona will provide you with insights about the interests of a given product, about people’s intent to purchase, how they behave and in which channels they are present.

This information is extremely important in order to answer a few important questions, such as:

  • What is my persona’s pain/desire?
  • Which offer will generate value?
  • Which ad platform should I choose?
  • What is the most appropriate discourse in each ad?

This knowledge about your persona will ensure that your offer truly solves its pain/desire, which will help you spend less for each conversion made with paid campaigns.

2. Define your offer

Now that you know your persona well, your offer must be well aligned with the person’s pain or desire in order to make them go to your website, sign up to your list or purchase a product.

If you want to create a list of leads, you should think about the content formats your persona is used to consuming and define your format.

These formats vary from eBooks to webinars, remembering that the content must always solve the pain/desire you wish to address.

If you want to buy traffic for more advanced steps of the funnel, you can create an ad that will direct the person directly to the landing page through your hotlink, so that they can make the purchase.

An example of a copy that can direct a person who wishes to lose weight directly to the landing page of a weight-loss product would be:

Check out this method that is helping people lose up to 10 pounds in a month!

It’s an offer that would be aligned with the person’s pain and that would direct them straight to a page with further information about the product.

3. Define the right channels for buying traffic

Choosing the most suitable channels for your persona will help you not to waste money.

Imagine that you decide to buy traffic on Instagram and that your persona doesn’t use this channel. You’d have spent money and would probably not see any results, right?

Therefore, it’s important to get to know your persona and to buy traffic on the channels most frequently used by them.

Below, I’ll talk about the most popular channels if you’re not already familiar with them.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform that enables the creation of campaigns to be displayed on search results, which are the ads shown when we google a term, and also on the display network, which are websites that are partners with Google and provide space for advertisers.

For search campaigns, the ads will be created based on the keywords you choose and the locations you defined.

In order to define the best words, which are those with a high volume and low competition, you can use the Google Keyword Planner.

The ads displayed here are exclusively in text format.

For display campaigns, you can create responsive ads, which adapt to the users’ screen size with images and text.

For campaigns created only for the display network, it will be targeted to your audience’s interests, place and demographics.

You can also create campaigns that mix search and display ads, which can be targeted by both interest and keyword.

You can also create videos and campaigns on YouTube, which can be very interesting depending on your audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads enables the creation of ads that contain images, videos and text that will be displayed to the audience according to the interests and demographics that you define.

The ad usually consists of a text, image or video with a Headline, which is a brief title, the description of the offer and a button with a Call to Action so that those who are impacted can take an action.

Native Ads

Native Ads are ads that appear mixed with the content of a website and that don’t interfere with the user’s experience.

In this type of ad, the copy must be short and direct, piquing the users’ curiosity, since the ad is made up of a single line.

This format can be extremely profitable if you are an experienced advertiser and have the availability to monitor the results on a regular basis.

Otherwise, they can be nothing other than money-wasting machines.

The best-known and most used platforms for buying buy traffic for Native Ads are WebTargetedTraffic and BuyTargetedTrafficThatConverts.

When you know what the main channels are and where your persona is, we suggest that you carry out tests with these channels and see which present the best results.

If you’re interested in using a traffic service remember that it’s a gray hat industry. There are legitimate sellers, and there are sellers hawking resold traffic, bot traffic, or untargeted traffic. It’s a very “buyer beware” atmosphere, and you often have little recourse if you don’t like the traffic you get.

Here are some tips you can follow.

  • Start small. The best thing you can possibly do when buying traffic is take it nice and easy. Don’t go in for a subscription model right away, because you never know how tricky it will be to cancel if you want to stop payments. Don’t go in for a huge amount of traffic, because you don’t know what quality it will be and how it will take to your site. For WTG, you would want to go for their cheapest 10,000-hit package one-time only, and see what it gets you. If it works, and only if it works, should you consider getting more. Only once they have proven themselves should you consider subscribing.
  • Read the terms and conditions. You want to make sure there aren’t any tricky terms about rights transfers or anything else. It’s entirely possible to fight legal terms in court if it comes down to it, but you don’t want to put yourself into that situation.
  • Avoid using an ad program that bans you for excess bots. AdSense is the big one here; they’re picky with the traffic they detect coming in to your site. If they don’t like it, even if it is more or less legitimate, they have the right to block you from the program at a moment’s notice. If you’re relying on an ad program to make your living, you might want to be very careful about what traffic you buy and from where.
  • Make sure any money back guarantee is real. The shady sellers out there are liable to disappear when questioned or confronted. Their site works just fine, they’ll take new orders just fine, but the moment you go to request a money back claim, they clam up and won’t respond. Alternatively, some of them will respond, but will point out a clause in their terms for their guarantee that for some reason invalidates your order from the claim. Once again; buyer beware.
  • Look up current reviews. I’ve quoted a few reviews in this post, but that’s just five or so out of who knows how many. They will swiftly grow out of date, and you never know what changes a company might undergo. Formerly high quality providers might sell their company to someone, only for that new owner to try to maximize profits by dropping traffic quality and customer service out the window. Always look up current information before you try to purchase.
  • Only run one program at a time, so you can test the traffic it brings. Make sure you’re taking multiple data points before and after your order. You need detailed analytics to make sure you’re getting traffic as promised. If you buy 10,000 hits from Germany, you don’t want to receive 500 hits from Germany and 9,500 hits from India. If you’re buying 10,000 hits targeted to the automotive niche, you don’t want a ton of traffic referred to you from DIY knitting blogs. Don’t be shy about requesting that money back guarantee if the traffic doesn’t work for you. These sorts of businesses would rather have a customer satisfied with a refund than an angry customer leaving negative reviews.
  • Don’t invest more than the minimum unless you can make a profit. I don’t care how targeted or how legitimate the traffic you receive is, if you’re not making money from it, it’s a loss. If you spend $70 on 10,000 hits and, in those 10,000 hits, make one sale for $30, you’re out $40. Maybe some of those people will come back, or maybe not. You’d have to do more testing to find out, and if you’re willing to test for two months and $400 in losses to see if they do, that’s your prerogative. I just recommend never buying traffic if you can’t successfully monetize it.
  • If you’re careful, slow, methodical and low-volume with your testing, you can slip under the radar of programs like AdSense Safe Traffic, and you can stay with the program while testing your traffic. It’s only when you have unnatural surges of poor traffic that you’re at high risk.

Final considerations…

Testing your campaigns and analyzing the results is a key point to reduce your costs and ensure that the campaign is profitable.

In this stage, the metrics defined beforehand will be very important because they will indicate if you’re on the right path.

The best way to carry out the tests in a campaign is with an A/B test, by varying one element at a time.

Define which elements you can vary for the type of ad you are creating, create at least 3 variations of this element and define what metric will tell you which one is better than the other.

An example of a metric is the CPL on a lead capturing page, where the variation of the element chosen, such as the text of the ad that gives you the lowest CPL will be the one to be maintained.

Replicate the winning text and perform a new test with another element, such as your ad’s image.

The landing page is also an element to be tested, because it has a direct impact on your CPL or on the conversion of products.

Always remember to perform tests to optimize an ad, because it can always be improved.


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