Traffic Builder is a BIG Scam!!!

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We are presenting you today a review of new mystical product on the marketplace called Traffic Builder by Gee Sanghera!

Traffic Builder Review – Overview

Product Vendor      :     Gee Sanghera
Product Name         :     Traffic Builder
Price                           :     $ 27
Release Date           :      4-May-2017
Release Time          :     10:00 ETD
User Ratting            :     1.2/10
Niche                         :     Software
Customer Care      :     Poor Support
Our Verdict            :     Don’t Buy! It’s  a BIG Scam!


Our Legit-Review Team Reviewed any product on the basis of 6 Criteria :

  1. Are they providing so many false promises or not ?
  2. If they have any Spammy Approach or not ?
  3. Based on Real Users Experience Rating.
  4. Have their any Honest Money back Guarantee or not ?
  5. If there are so many OTOs, upsells, downsells ?
  6. Lastly based on Our Expert Team rating after using.

What is Traffic Builder ? – Traffic Builder Review

Traffic Builder is a new cloud based software that literally helps you to get instant traffic within 15 minutes. According to their promise, this is such type of automated tool that 100% real & targeted traffic to your desired links. Reddit is the most powerful traffic source on internet. Traffic Builder actually focus on Reddit. From where you will get these unlimited traffic without spending any money. The best part is that it takes less than 2 minutes to set everything. This is really exciting. But what do you think? Is it Legit or Scam? Is it working as their promise?

** However, what Traffic Builder speak to themselves. This Traffic Builder is not that sort of software that you think. Just think simply, how can a software brings traffic automatically?

Where you can use Traffic Builder? – Traffic Builder Review

  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • eCommerce Sales,
  • Webinars,
  • Product Creation,
  • Consulting / Freelancing,
  • Coaching,
  • List Building,
  • CPA Marketing,
  • Offline Marketing.

How Traffic Builder works? – Traffic Builder Review

Gee Sanghera is the creator of Traffic Builder. With the help of Ben Carroll, he developed this automated software that promise to bring instant traffic. So according to their concept you should follow 6 steps to work with Traffic Builder. So have a look this SIX steps :

  • 1st Step :: First of everything you have to insert something to post. I mean you should select the post or link from where you want to make money.
  • 2nd Step :: Inside this cloud you will get a option to insert Post Title or Body. If your targeted post is just a link or image, then you should blank the body option. But if your post is discussion type then, you can use any text as your body.
  • 3rd Step :: Here this software wants to get permission to log into reddit.
  • 4th Step :: And now it needs a single click. This click enables your title or body to the software cloud.
  • 5th Step :: The last important part is here. Your post URL is ready now. You should insert this post link properly to the cloud system.
  • 6th Step :: Almost done! This automated software now works just for you to bring unlimited traffic.

Why Traffic Builder is Talk of the Town? – Traffic Builder Review

Well! Friends, you already know about the traffic quality of reddit. Okay.! Reddit is truly a strong and powerful source to get laser targeted traffic within minutes. There are so many sub-reddit that can helps you to enforce audience to go to your offer through links. If you will be able to get this unlimited targeted buyers to your offers. Then you can get more sales as well as more conversion. And Traffic Builder is the software that promise you to submit your links into reddit within a short possible time.

** But you should remember that Reddit is such type of platform that follows rules strictly. If you breaks any rules, you will be banned permanently. As a result your account will be destroyed forever. The main fact is that any automated software truly unable to maintain rules and regulations of different sub-reddits. This is the main drawbacks. So, easily we can say you are at a risk when you work with Traffic Builder.

Features of Traffic Builder – Traffic Builder Review

  1. Traffic Builder is a cloud based software. So you have nothing to download. And it works on any devices,
  2. This is the method that brings organic and targeted traffic within 15 minutes,
  3. It takes less than 2 minutes to set any campaign,
  4. According to their promise, Traffic Builder works as autopilot. And the traffic source work for any niche,
  5. You will get the beauty of real traffic system. Most of the traffic are form 1st tier country,
  6. This is fully newbie friendly and super simple to use.

**  Here some points are important. After you purchasing Traffic Builder, you will face so many OTOs, Upsells and downsells. After purchasing Stock Traffic Builder, they will say, you have to buy their all upgrades OTOs, if you want to get Results. You caught, Right ?

Is This A Scam ? Traffic Builder Review

Absolutely Yes ! No doubt Traffic Builder is a FULL SCAM product. They are not ready to deliver what they promises on their sales page. Even they will not refund your money. In addition they will ask for a lot of proofs before refund. So, Based on our experts and real users, Traffic Builder is a BIG Scam.

Our Final Verdict : Not Recommended