wBacklink Review… Scam or Legit?

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For many webmasters, managing link building campaigns can seem pretty daunting. Identifying a link building strategy is one key to success. Another is ensuring link building efficiency and follow up. Identifying processes and tools to help increase this efficiency can greatly increase the amount and value of links you achieve.

This suite combines the best SEO tools into one easy-to-access program that can jump-start or overhaul your complete SEO program. This SEO software has tools for managing the most important components of your SEO program. It features resources for optimizing keywords, building links and analyzing your competition.

The program’s keyword-suggestion tool gathers data from various keyword research tools, including Google Trends and AdWords. It provides an unlimited number of keywords and keyword phrases that perfectly match the needs of your website to raise the visibility of your business and website to consumers.

This SEO management software provides additional tools to help you sort through keywords and keyword phrases to find the perfect keywords for you. One such tool estimates the number of visitors a certain keyword can bring to your site if you have the number one ranking keyword.


wBacklink is for us the best SEO  management and white hat link building software out there. However, it is a real hydra. If you are unable to structure your account properly, you will end up hating it and not using it.

This is why we put this review/tutorial together. To help you make the most of it and find efficiency in your white hat link building outreach. Enjoy !​

If there is one thing you will never find on this blog, it’s a zillion link building services and software. Why ? Because most of them are crap. They get you links on a set of low quality sites or services that are bound to get you penalised one day or another. Quite a few software tools have been created to help make email outreach simpler and one of the most popular tools for email outreach is wBacklink.

​That’s not what wBacklink is. wBacklink is a relationship and outreach CRM that allows you to manage and grow a large volume of outreach campaigns if used correctly.

Now the nuance is in the last part of the previous sentence. While extremely powerful in the right hands, like most CRM’s, wBacklink is not necessarily​ an easy tool to master.

If you put that together with the fact that most people have zero experience in carrying a successful outreach campaign, you have a potential recipe for disaster.

best free automatic backlink software

 This Automatic COMBO Software is your one-stop SEO solution to finally finding an affordable and effective way to build hundreds of new and High Quality Backlinks!

What other features has this helpful tool got? Let’s take a look:

  • Multiple backlink data sources
  • Supports various backlink sources
  • Identify potentially harmful domains
  • Detailed statistics for your backlink profile
  • Helpful domain overview
  • Compare different backlinks for different projects
  • Domain summaries
  • Helpful reporting templates
  • Identify link building opportunities
  • Evaluate your performance
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Keep track of link partners
  • Manage email templates
  • Built in web browser
  • Helpful domain overview
  • Customizable reports


wBacklink  Google Website Indexer is LEGIT!!! This Automatic COMBO Software is your one-stop SEO solution to finally finding an affordable and effective way to build hundreds of new and High Quality Backlinks!

Our 100% vote would be for wBacklink .

If you are trying various SEO tools either to boost your own blogs or client’s blogs/websites and still not getting the results which you actually want to have… then this tool can be the last destination for you.

This is an effective tool for seeing where your website ranks for your keywords. It’s easy to use and the data is accurate with the right configuration. There are plenty of features to give you additional insight and the reporting features are very helpful.

Overall verdict

IWe have used a lot of SEO tools over the years and we tested software and cloud based tools at various price points.

Despite having access to a lot of cloud based tools, wBacklink remains an essential part of our marketing toolbox.

Each tool is easy to use, effective and has the features we need to get better results from SEO, monitor my websites progress, identify dodgy backlinks and manage outreach.

And we especially like that the software is continuing to be developed with performance improvements as well as extra features.

We’ve talked about what we think but what really matters is what you think – the value of any tool is relative to your own unique circumstances.


  • Track your search engine rankings easily with Rank Tracker
  • Optimize your website, posts and pages with Website Auditor
  • Identify link building opportunities and penalty risk with SEO SpyGlass
  • Manage blogger outreach campaigns with LinkAssistant
  • Customize your workspaces in each tool to work how you want to
  • Each tool has detailed reporting functionality


  • Additional licenses required if you want to run on multiple computers (to be expected with software)

In this wBacklink review, we are not going to try and sell the software to you. We will simply show you how we use it in our business, the results we get from it and let you decide for yourself if the program is right for you. wBacklink provides all the tools small business owners need for managing an effective SEO campaign. It has a full offering of keyword optimization tools and linkbuilding features. Its customer-service contact options are limited to an email contact form. Still, this software is a good choice for small business owners trying to maximize their website.

Keep in mind that strategic outreach at scale is a fairly advanced tactic and therefore, a lot of the concepts talked about in this post are complicated. Feel free to use the comment section if you have any question.​